Nadia Murad founded Nadia’s Initiative with support from the Yazda Board of Directors, Murad Ismael, Executive Director of Yazda and Elizabeth Bohart and Elizabeth Schaffer Brown, experienced strategy, development and communications consultants. Yazda is the leading non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Yazidi community in the aftermath of the genocide committed by ISIL.


Murad Ismael
Murad Ismael is Yazda’s Co-founder and Executive Director.  Murad is one of founders and principle member of Sinjar Crisis Management Team (SCMT), an advocacygroup that was formed in the aftermath of August 2014 attack to track fate of Yazidi hostages and advocate for their freedom. Murad was a member of various Yazidi delegations to Washington and serves as a board member in Nineveh Council of America advocacy group. Murad worked with his colleagues in SCMT and Yazda to write numerous reports on thousands of Yazidi women and children in captivity and met high ranked officials to advocate for action. Murad motivation is to free remaining Yazidi hostages, help genocide victims, and raise awareness to protect all vulnerable minorities. Murad have been managing Nadia Campaign since its start in December 2015.  Murad was born in Sinjar, Iraq and completed his MS in Geophysics and Masters in Civil Engineering from University of Houston and Norwich University, respectively, when the Genocide happened against his people, Murad left his job as a geophysicist and worked full-time to advocate for rights of victims of Genocide and sexual slavery.  

Elizabeth Bohart
Elizabeth Bohart is a social impact strategist who helps organizations build innovative, community-driven initiatives.  Through her work with the Watchers of the Sky Initiative and Antelope Development Strategies, Elizabeth works to provide holistic support to marginalized communities and create an understanding of how individuals can be active change-makers.

Elizabeth Schaffer Brown
Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown is an expert in developing multi-media communications and partnerships addressing global issues. She is the co-founder of Uncommon Union, which is committed to raising the profile of courageous leaders driving change in their industries. In 2015, she traveled to Iraq to help Nadia and Yazda bring a case against ISIS for genocide crimes to the ICC in The Hague with board advisors Luis Moreno Ocampo and Kerry Propper. 



Luis Moreno Ocampo
Luis Moreno Ocampo had a unique global experience as the founder Chief Prosecutor of the first permanent International Criminal Court. He is currently the founder & CEO of Moreno Ocampo Consulting, a niche global consulting firm focused on developing tailored strategies to manage complex conflicts with transnational dimensions. 

Kerry Propper
Kerry Propper is the Co-founder and Non -executive Chairman of Chardan Capital Markets, a boutique NY based investment bank, as well as a Founder and Managing Partner of ATW Partners, a Private Equity fund based in NY. Mr. Propper serves on the executive board of Voices of Rwanda, a non-profit organization dedicated to filming and preserving the testimony of survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, is a co-founder and board member of The Watchers of the Sky Initiative, a non-profit focused on education, advocacy, and activism around genocide related issues. 




Special thanks to Prinkshop & Uncommon Union for campaign design and web development.